Development and Board Meeting Nov 22 2015

Published December 16, 2015 by Generic Ministry in News

The meeting was attended by a quorum of board members.

Financial Review

  • We now have the certificate from the State that is needed to further legitimize our 501c3 status.
  • Donations have been very good; we received a $10,000 donation from an anonymous foundation with their desire that it be used to begin building our endowment and ~$7,000 from our most recent fund drive efforts.
  • Additionally we have received ~$700 from FP Needham, $500 from Carter Methodist, $1000 from the Needham Congregationalist church and a generous donation from the Markus foundation.
  • The Norwood Congregational church has offered to pay for all van maintenance (gas, insurance and repairs).


  • Recent fund drive: It appears our recent fund drive to 200 persons was successful, having raised ~$7,000 from ~60 individuals or ~35% of our target audience.
  • We are planning a “GoFundMe” campaign to launch Monday, Nov 30, with a target of $1,000 whose purpose is to grow our audience via social media.
  • We are working on a coordinated system to maintain, grow and send communications to the Needham Business Association, town businesses, the Clergy Association and Facebook as well as improving our volunteer management process.
  • The PTC of each school in Needham will be asked to support/sponsor a clothing drive in their school.


  • The website has been  moved and a 5-year hosting contract has been purchased from GoDaddy; some content still needs to be added.
  • The Board of the Carter Memorial Methodist church met recently and reported they are working on the space to make their storage garage available for our storage.
  • The Winter Clothing Drive at First Parish Needham is taking place at the church  each Sunday for the month of December. The van will park in FP’s driveway as a collection spot. We are in special need of coats, sweatshirts and jeans.

Next Meeting(s)

  • 1 meeting in January to discuss Development, Operational and “what should we be spending our money on” topics
  • 1 meeting in January or February for Annual Meeting