Fundraising Campaign: Please Contribute

Published May 30, 2017 by Generic Ministry in News

Dear Friend,

During a cold winter more than ten years ago, Generic Ministry, a non-profit dedicated to helping those living on the streets of Boston make it through the night, was formed.

Each Tuesday and Wednesday evening since then, we have traveled the streets and alleys of Boston distributing food, water, clean clothes, blankets and toiletries to the homeless. Along with these items, we supply friendship, respect and encouragement.

To prepare for the van trips, volunteers spend hours every week sorting donated clothing, stocking the van, making sandwiches, and organizing clothing drives. We rely solely on these many volunteers to support our mission.

We are now raising funds for 2017-2018 and are counting on YOU to help. We operate on an extremely small annual budget of $10,000, which covers the cost of operating and maintaining our van and other necessary purchases.

Please read on to learn about our recent efforts and plans for the year ahead. Please consider donating to our mission. You can donate online.


Every year is an exciting year for Generic Ministry. We faced – and overcame – a few growing pains in 2016, including the need to find new storage space for our donated clothing and to increase our community outreach to find volunteers.

Our primary focus, as always, was sending the van into Boston and we’re proud to say that the Generic Ministry van made over 80 trips to Boston in 2016. We have a core group of about 30-50 clients that we serve most every week, and then an estimated additional 500-600 occasional clients who use our services sporadically. All clients are offered a bag lunch. Many also typically take 2-3 items of clothing, ranging from socks and underwear to pants, sweatshirts, coats and footwear, in addition to new blankets and toiletries.

In 2017, one of our main objectives is to continue to expand our volunteer group, so we can ensure the van goes out every week. With all the work involved in doing that, we require an active volunteer group of at least 20-30 individuals who can give us a couple hours a month. We’re getting closer to that number now, but definitely need just a few more volunteers, so we would encourage you to contact us if you can help out in any way. We promise the experience is enlightening and fulfilling, especially when a client says: “Thank you and God Bless.”

We remain in awe and enormously grateful for the ongoing support we receive from many local organizations. Every week we recognize the commitment from First Baptist Church, which provides free garage space to store our donated clothing and other items, and Carter Memorial United Methodist Church, for providing a free parking space for our van. These contributions are vitally important to our ability to accomplish our mission. Additionally, in the past year, we received food and clothing from the students at Needham’s Mitchell and Eliot Schools, as well as First Parish of Needham, Temple Aliyah of Needham, First Congregational Church of Norwood, St. George’s Church of Framingham, several Cub Scout packs, and dozens of individual families.

Generic Ministry is a 501(c)(3) organization run totally by volunteers. People are sometimes confused by our name. While we are very grateful for the support we receive from many religious communities, Generic Ministry is not affiliated with any single faith and does not incorporate religious outreach in our mission. Our aim is simply to provide “generic ministry” to people in need.

With that aim in mind, our work is never complete. We often hear from our clients how much they miss us on the weeks that we are not there, not just for the food and clothing, but also for the friendly face and the chance to chat a little. We’re ready and willing to keep the mission growing, but we need your help.

Please donate generously and help us sustain our service to the less fortunate. You can donate online.

We give our sincerest thanks for your consideration.


Don Leathe, president
Scott Muldoon, board member
Alan Robins, board member
Joe Hansjon, board member
John Mark Thomas, founder
Rick Vincent, board member
Kara Collin, board member

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