Generic Ministry – 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes & Action Items

Published March 3, 2016 by Don Leathe in News


FEBRURARY 21, 2016





Board Members: Don Leathe, Rick Vincent, Scott Muldoon, Kristin Neff, John Mark Thomas & Joe Hansjon.

Others: Carolyn Connolly, Kristen Collins, Alan Robins.

Annual Meeting Topic #1 – Approval of Board Slate and New Member:


Note: Quorum was achieved since ¾ of Board members were present (= 5 members)

Specific items were subsequently passed based upon simple numerical majority as required by   By Laws

  • Alan Robins volunteered to join the Board.
  • John Mark made the motion to approve the slate below
  • Scott seconded the motion and all voted yes
  • So the slate below was approved for 2016 fiscal year:

President:                  Don Leathe

Vice President:           Scott Muldoon

Treasurer:                   Kristin Neff

Clerk:                              Rick Vincent

At large members:      John Mark Thomas, Joe Hansjon & Alan Robins

  • Scott mentioned that this will be the last year of his active involvement both on the Board and with his GM volunteer activities
  • Kristin Neff said that while this was not her last year of duties as the Treasurer, that time is getting close
  • Don didn’t say, but believes that after his two-years as President is up he will likely retire from that position.

Action Items – Board membership and responsibilities:

  • (Who?) – Kristen recommended, and all agreed, that we need to define all the major activities that all volunteers do (perhaps for each: who does it, when, how long does it take, other key info?)
  • (Who?) We need to identify everything that Scott is doing and find ways of offloading them to others
  • (Who?) We need to identify all that Kristin is doing and start to consider how to off load that as well



Annual Meeting Topic #2 – Approve Annual Budget for the 2016:

  • Without changing the total expense budget line of $12,500 which Don presented the following changes were made to the proposed budget that Don presented:
    • Garage storage was increased to $4,400, “Van Maintenance” was removed from the “Gas” line and added to the Miscellaneous Van Costs & Maintenance, Miscellaneous for 2016 was decreased to $0, “Website hosting/support” added for $800 and “Volunteer & Donor Outreach” was added for $800.
    • John Mark made the motion to approve the amended budget, Kristin seconded it and all approved it.
    • The amended budget XLS file is attached with these minutes.


Business Meeting Topics (below):

 Development – Grants (Kristen Collins):

  • Our focus should be on identifying and responding to/applying for grant opportunities
  • We need resources to help us in identifying the opportunities and in drafting the applications for specific grants.
  • One fear is that most grants have yearly deadlines pegged to times during Q1 and we will likely miss the window of opportunity for applying this year….. but this is all right for the first time


Action Items – Grants:

  • (Alan) – Will run a list of all major companies located in Boston
  • (Rick & Kristen) – Will help identify who the grant contacts are at each targeted company and what the grant application process is for each company
  • (Kristen) – Will write letters to each targeted company’s grant application contact to solicit details of the grant requirements and application process.
  • (Don) – Offered to be a resource willing to actually draft grant applications, as he has done for the Baptists and the $10,000 grant which received from a foundation.

Action Items – Organizational Awareness:

  • (Who?) – Who to draft, review, approve and sent to all “new” van people a standard letter welcoming them and offering guidelines, help and FAQ’s, etc re: going out on the van.
  • (Alan) –Offered to draft an outline of the process to welcome new volunteers and a definition for a potential “volunteer coordinator” role that we do not currently have. These outlines will be sent out for team for input and a decision on whether we implement one or both ideas.
  • (Who?) – We all agreed, that we need to define all the major activities that all volunteers do (perhaps for each: who does it, when, how long does it take, other key info?) — Action item from Annual meeting earlier (note: Don might be willing to do this once work load calms down)

Storage – Sandwiches & Clothes:

  • Kristen had previously volunteered the use of her basement refrigerator to store sandwiches but she is not sure that can continue given her busy in-and-out schedule and the need for volunteers to access that refrigerator at various, inconsistent times.
  • We need to move our refrigerator at 10 High Street to a new location.
  • Rick Vincent offered space for that refrigerator in the left side of his garage, with the proviso that it must be moved out of that space during the week of the wedding at his house (June 5-11th)

Action Items — Storage:

  • (Who?) – Who is going to actually move the 10 High Street refrigerator to Rick Vincent’s garage? We probably need a pickup truck? Or a van with room for a refrigerator) ………….(note: Don is usually available)
  • (Carolyn) – Will buy a padlock for the clothing storage unit on Needham St. (to be reimbursed)
  • (Joe) – Will built two wooden supports for the coat rack/pipe from High Street for new unit

Action Items –Blankets:

  • (Scott) – Will call blanket distribution company to determine date/time of next load of blankets and then pull team of volunteers together to offload them at the Rand’s when it arrives.
  • Note: We received 1000 blankets in 2015, gave away ~900.

Action Item – Miscellaneous:

  • (Who?) – Yearly Norwood Congregational Church’s volunteer fair, we need folks to man the van from 10 – 2 on the day that run it since we get a piece of receipts for that day (we got $1000 from them in 2015)
  • (Don) – Logo for Generic Ministry — Don to feedback to Judi H. on her Logo concerns… general feeling of team agreement with Judi’s concerns
  • (Don) – To draft 2015 year in review and distribute for comments